Nintendo Wii Repair Guide Instant Download - Wii repair manual PDF eBook

nintendo wii Service Repair Manual

Nintendo Wii Do-it-yourself repair manual - Wii repair PDF eBook

The best thing about this repair guide is that it does not require the reader to have any special technical knowledge or tools. All procedures listed can be done by anyone using common tools and supplies. 99% of problems are easily solved using this instruction manual. With this repair guide you'll learn to clean the Nintendo Wii laser, fix Wii CD/DVD reading errors, Repair/ Fix Discs not playing problems.

Wii CD tray won't open - after being dropped, go into diagnostic mode, Nintendo Wii fix clicking/squeezing sounds, Wii adjust voltage, Wii assembly, Wii disassemble, Nintendo Wii modifications, media, Wii video repair, Wii audio repair

Wii Repair Manual


Get your Wii console working again today. This is the ULTIMATE Wii Repair Guide. This is MUCH more than just a repair guide. It is a complete training course on Wii. Hundred of pages with lots of PICTURES & STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. Do It Yourself guide, fix your Wii and and Save dollar$$.

Wii step by step repair guide


This step by step guide helped thousands to fix Wii common problems themselves and saved over $100 each time per person. People who used this manual are fixing their Wii themselves.

You can make a living just like other started making living just by reading this manual alone have become expects in repairing Wii units and the minimum charge of some of these are $50 per inspection. You can become an expert too in repairing Wii and look forward to a healthy future. This book is quite detailed, covers Wii with hundreds of pages with diagrams and pictures.

  • Wii: disassembly guide
  • Wii: Internal fan replacement guide
  • Wii: DVD Drive player replacement guide
  • Wii: Repairing DVD drive
  • Wii: How to fix problems synchronizing the Wii fit balance board
  • Wii mod guide
  • Wii: Wii Fit - Taking Consistent body test measurements
  • Nintendo Wii: How to Sync a controller
  • Wii: All Wii remotes will not sync with console
  • Wii: Cursor is off center, jerky, erratic, disappears etc.
  • Wii: Remote buttons are sticky or stuck down.
  • Wii: Buttons not responding
  • No static, or crackling noise or no sound from Wii
  • Wii: No shaking, vibration or rumbling in remote speaker
  • Wii: No shaking, vibration or rumbling in remote
  • Nintendo Wii: Batteries drain too fast.
  • How to increase life of your wiimote battery
  • Nintendo Wii: No cursor during game
  • Nintendo Wii: Tilt problems
  • Wii: Message “There is no Mii save data on your Wii Remote. Format this save data?"
  • Wii: How to repair a wiimote
  • Wii: Disassembly guide - Sensor bar tear down
  • Wii: Repairing a broken cable on sensor bar
  • Wii: Adjusting the sensitivity on the sensor bar
  • Wii: One dot during Sensitivity adjustment
  • Wii: No power
  • Wii: The system plays for awhile but then shuts off on its own
  • Wii: Power light does not turn on
  • Nintendo Wii: WiiConnect24 Settings
  • Some of the error codes explained in the guide

  • Wii Error Code 32002
  • Wii Error Code 32030
  • Wii Error Code 32003
  • Wii Error Code 32004
  • Wii Error Code 50420
  • Wii Error Code 51000
  • Wii Error Code 51099
  • Wii Error Code 51130
  • Wii Error Code 51300
  • Wii Error Code 51399
  • Wii Error Code 52030
  • Wii Error Code 52100
  • Wii Error Code 52199
  • Wii Error Code 52200
  • Wii Error Code 52299
  • Wii Error Code 52230
  • Wii Error Code 52400
  • Wii Error Code 52500
  • Wii Error Code 52599
  • Wii Error Code 54000
  • Wii Error Code 107310
  • Wii Error Code 109107
  • Wii Error Code 109139
  • Wii Error Code 205927
  • Wii Error Code 205642
  • Wii Error Code 205621
  • Wii Error Code 206401
  • Wii Error Code 200802
  • Wii Error Code 208010
  • Wii Error Code 208014
  • Wii Error Code 208015
  • Wii Error Code 208016
  • Wii Error Code 208017
  • Wii Error Code 205643
  • Wii Error Code 209601
  • Wii Error Code 209600

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The Wii repair guide walks you through the repair process for Wii console from start to finish. It is loaded with pictures, diagrams and each step is described in detail. The Wii repair guide manual covers all the most common Wii problems and their solutions. You dont have to send your Wii for costly repairs, use this guide to repair fix your Wii console at home.

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Topics Covered in this guide

Nintendo Wii: Data management
Nintendo Wii: How to Copy data to SD card
Nintendo Wii: SD Cards Guide
Making sure your SD card is compatible
Known compatible devices – Image files
Known compatible devices – Movie files
Wii Error Message “Disc could not be read/Unable to read the disc”
Nintendo Wii: Cleaning game disc
Nintendo Wii: Disc ejecting automatically (including "An error has occurred eject disc")
Wii: Games freeze while in game play
Wii: Message "Disc Not Recognized"
Wii: Message "An Error Has Occurred"
Wii: Disc Problems require Nintendo Service
Wii: Erasing GameCube Memory Card Data
Wii: Fixing time settings for loss time - Incorrect time settings
Wii: Delay response (display/video & audio)
Wii: Can't get past "Language Select" screen
Wii: Hard/Soft reset How-to
Wii: Character/Cursor move on their own
Wii: Adjusting the Parental Control Settings of the Wii console
Wii: Error message "Message Board Data is full"
Wii: Warning message "Be careful about posting too many messages"
Wii: How do I reply to a Memo? - Why Can't I reply to a Memo?
Wii: Multiple messages being received from Nintendo
Wii: Unable to receive emails with images attachment
Wii: common error code list and description.
Nintendo Wii Error Code 110210
Nintendo Wii Error Code 110212
Nintendo Wii Error Code 110211
Nintendo Wii Error Code 110213
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204038
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204800
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204801
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204901
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204914
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204961
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204963
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204972
Nintendo Wii Error Code 204965
Nintendo Wii Error Code 205617
Nintendo Wii Error Code 205928
Nintendo Wii Error Code 205926
Nintendo Wii Error Code 209826
Nintendo Wii Error Code 220602
Nintendo Wii Error Code 209576
Nintendo Wii Error Code 209593
Nintendo Wii Error Code 208019
Nintendo Wii Error Code 208018

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